Victoriano Street art in Thailand

I had the pleasure to visit Thailand in November, spent a week in Phuket by Surin Beach, an incredibly beautiful and very calm area.

Couldn’t see any graffiti or streetart around Surin, although one day I visited Patong where there is a little bit more street art, and is not a calm area at all.

Whilst there I had the pleasure of meeting the supertalented Brian Woulfe from designed by Woulfe, who helped me sourcing a few walls to paint.

The first wall was outside Brian’s office, where I painted a Kate Moss inspired portrait, while my man Szabotage painted a lion by the door. The second wall was outside Anthem Wakepark, where me and Szabotage did a big collaboration wall. I quickly painted a little hut inside Anthem Wake park as well, with my Louis Vuitton inspired pattern.

All of this was covered by Phuket News and you can see it here Graffiti & street art goes Tropical in Phuket

To top it all, one of the last days I painted on an Elephant, her name was Anne and she let me paint on her in exchange of many boxes of bananas, all the paints used where non toxic and removable. She was for a day the classiest elephant on earth.










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